But sometimes you don’t want to fake it anymore, you don’t want to appear happy when you’re tearing up inside. You just want to allow yourself to be sad, to be mad, to be exactly the way you’re feeling.

There’s nothing easier than faking you’re okay. You just smile in public and send a bunch of emoticons over the Internet. That’s all it takes.

I used up all my supply of tears. I can’t be here without you I can’t.

How am I gonna come back to Alain without her here? How am I going to wake up every morning remembering this? How could they take you away like this? How?

How could they just throw her like that?

She’s gone and she’ll never be back. Why her?

Nothing is like losing something that was once so close to you. It’ll rip your heart open like nothing has ever had.

If they would’ve just let her in she’d still be alive. She’d still be here. She wouldn’t have gone.

Never take things for granted. They always leave. And when they do it’ll already be too late. Fuck.